Standing by homeowners where they need us most

We have the knowledge, experience, and confidence to insure homes in high hazard areas, including California and the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.

When other insurers walk away from complex risks, we step in—especially when that risk is someone’s home. Our underwriters consider each risk individually, and loss mitigation experts help homeowners prevent losses so they can continue to live in the places they love.



If a loss occurs, your homeowners policy makes sure your home can be repaired, rebuilt or replaced at today’s prices. Your policy can also cover other structures on your property such as a garage, shed or fence.


Your valued possessions are protected at home or elsewhere, and we offer an easy-to-use Home Inventory Checklist to itemize your personal belongings.


If someone is injured on your property or if you (or a family member) are accused of injury or damage to others, your homeowners policy can protect your assets from these types of claims.

Additional Living Expenses

If a loss occurs, your policy can cover some temporary living expenses while you’re waiting for your home to be repaired, including shelter, food and relocation costs.

Optional Coverages

Some homes are too complex for the standard insurance market and each homeowner has unique needs. Our optional coverages such as Extended Replacement Cost, Ordinance and Law, Flood, Personal Collections, Personal Liability, and other catastrophic coverages are critical for homes in high hazard areas.

Focused On

  • California homeowners, with particular expertise in wildfire regions

  • High value homes nationwide, including vacation homes and short term rentals

  • Homeowners in the Northeast, Gulf Region and Hawaii, with particular expertise in coastal properties

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