Ignited by expertise, propelled by imagination

We’ve assembled the most respected aviation and space insurance experts to join your crew.

Since humankind’s fascination with flight began over a century ago, the brightest among us contributed their own touch of genius and imagination through each advancement—some in the spotlight but most behind the scenes, tending to every minute detail. We insure the risks of aerospace through a similar collaboration, bringing together aviation and space insiders with the signature experience and intelligence of the Applied Underwriters team.

Aviation Coverages

Aerospace Manufacturers

Aircraft, engines, ground support or control equipment and spares

Commercial Aviation

FBOs, MROs, charters, aircraft management and aircraft storage


US-based passenger and cargo carriers

Corporate Aviation

Corporate-use and limited charter

Airports and Ground Handlers

Public and privately-owned airports including heliports and helipads

Specialty Risk

VIP, sports teams, EMS, and energy sector

Aviation Workers' Compensation

Coverage from a best-in-nation insurer for aviation-related NAICS codes

Pleasure & Business

Sophisticated piston and jet owners

Space Coverages

Satellite Owners

Various payloads, orbits and satellite buses from launch to in-orbit test and throughout the lifetime of the satellite

Satellite Manufacturers

Protecting incentives a manufacturer has at risk during launch and in-orbit test, covering obligations to their clients

Launch Vehicle Service Providers

Coverage that gives launchers the peace-of-mind to provide risk guarantees to their clients

Government Programs

Coverages for commercial partners to government programs, with the know-how to craft bespoke products for unique risks

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